Miossec Live

MIOSSEC • Boire Live

Sept. 15th, 2020
7 month since I haven’t been mixing in a concert hall, and upcoming tours are kinda rare on these distancing days …
It’s therefore both a chance and a great honor to be part of the Miossec team for the 25th anniversary tour of his album Boire.
All the dates are here, and i’m behind the console.

Modern Love Cover

TOYBLOID • Modern Love • Out!

Jun. 26th, 2020
Second LP for Toybloïd, that we spent time thinking and producing.
The intent was to underline the band’s intensity and to darken the perception but to perform it in a totally uninhibited way, “like a teenager turns into a young adult”.

Lian Ray Rose Cover

LIAN RAY • Rose • Out!

Mar. 13th, 2020
8 years for this damn record to be out …
Hard to express how important and painful this album has been to me.
Someone told me that we’re working with endearing people you shouldn’t get endeared to, it’s damn missed for this one …
Produced from afar between Paris and this fucked up Berlin, mixed in Paris and mastered by Bob Ludwig.
Glad you’re at last getting it/you out Lian Ray.

Studio Bruit d'Avril


Jan. 1st, 2020
After years spent looking to build a recording studio, here it is !
Designed by and for Antonin Chardonnereau and myself, then built by Gérard Pibiri (Studios St Germain, Motorbass, …).
Bruit d’Avril is not trying to become a 24/7 commercial studio, no will to get it booked constantly nor taking maximum profit out of it, this is a studio for bands and artists whose artistic approach, like ours, sweats sincerity.
Check out the website, and feel free to ask any question !