Studio Bruit d'Avril


Jan. 1st, 2020
After years spent looking to build a recording studio, here it is !
Designed by and for Antonin Chardonnereau and myself, then built by Gérard Pibiri (Studios St Germain, Motorbass, …).
Bruit d’Avril is not trying to become a 24/7 commercial studio, no will to get it booked constantly nor taking maximum profit out of it, this is a studio for bands and artists whose artistic approach, like ours, sweats sincerity.
Check out the website, and feel free to ask any question !

L’EFFONDRAS • Les Flavescences • Out!

Mar. 3rd, 2017
I’ve already Recorded and Mixed their first Album and their two EPs,
love this band so much that they had to be the first band I signed on Noise Parade.
les Flavescences therefore is “NP001” and is now out!
It’s a unique no click, no edit, live played instrumental album recorded outdoor in the Cevennes National Park. Proud Producer, proud Recorder, proud Mixer, and proud AD then !