L’EFFONDRAS • Les Flavescences • Out!

Mar. 3rd, 2017
I’ve already Recorded and Mixed their first Album and their two EPs,
love this band so much that they had to be the first band I signed on Noise Parade.
les Flavescences therefore is “NP001” and is now out!
It’s a unique no click, no edit, live played instrumental album recorded outdoor in the Cevennes National Park. Proud Producer, proud Recorder, proud Mixer, and proud AD then !


Fev. 6th, 2017
I’ve seen them live in a small bar in Paris a few months ago, and I didn’t know how to handle the extreme energy coming out of these kids …
“Do they even know how harsh and rude they sound ?!”
“They weren’t even born when Cobain died !”
the kind of things rushing in my head at that moment …
I wanted so badly to crank them ten dB louder on each fuzz coming in … that they end up asking me to do it!
Such a pleasure to leave the mixing desk at the end of every show, totally amused, excited & proud.
Check out their never ending tour, chances are we’ll be in your town soon.