Fred LefrancI was born in April 1982, and grew up in between separated parents and their two different musical tastes. Switching from my Mother’s piano lessons and Erik Satie’s Gnossiennes to my Father’s 70’s vinyls collection and his never ending stories about Robert Wyatt, Miles Davis, and whoever made these days. One giving me a classical learning process and the other a source of inspiration and creativity, both of them pushing me toward what i wanted to do.

A few years later I left college to learn making guitars, spending the most of my time in local concert venues, hanging out with the local rock scene, recording demos for my band with a 4tracks Tascam Portastudio, which i sold later on to enter the digital era with a Fostex FD8. On the early 2000’s I started earning money touring with bands as a Front Of House Mixer, passion for a living YEY!

Years passed, and my interest in soundfields, textures, dynamics, distortions and such just got bigger and bigger, never going to bed without headphones on my ears, listening to albums whose names I don’t even know, just because they’re from Producers, Mixers, or Recordists I love. And there I am, building my own distorsion boxes to create tasteful sounds, shaking whatever I find to emulate a bass drum, a snare, or anything… Microphones hang out at my window, in the bottom of my thrash can, … I kinda became some kind of a geek i guess!
But I never grow as a gear geek, sure there’s some stuffs i like more than others, but i couldn’t care less about gear, gimme any mic and i’ll make a complete record out of it. There’s no such things as errors, only character.

Above textures, I became a huge fan of dynamics, making things softer than soft then louder than loud. I want to bring your energy out and widen it to its fullscale. I mean subtlety is a thing, but when chorus gets in, chorus gets in, period!