Portrait de Fred Lefranc

I did not choose this job just to turn knobs,
and being “a nerd in his spaceship” never really turned me on.

I’m passionate about the music itself, and way too much to feel satisfied by placing a nice looking microphone in the right place without caring about the musical content.
I like music to be physical, the air movement to be impactful, physically speaking, and the performance to sweat frankness and sincerity.

Obviously some musical genres are more suited than others to my ears, therefore, i’m kind of a Rock producer and sound engineer if i’m asked to sum it down. But, as long as the energy, contrast and dynamism are there and the emotion is genuine, I’m in.

You don’t necessarily have to scream or to fuzz up your guitars to tear the walls down, a solo piano can do just aswell.

I’m not transparent, nor a one-suits-all guy.
My work ethics will make me accept working on your project only if i connect with it and feel relevant to it.
If necessary, i’ll redirect you to a much better ally for you than I think I am.

For me your budget, small, medium or large, is a path to destination, not a reason to get or not on board (hear: if your music moves me, we’ll always find a solution).

Last but not least, in 2019, Antonin Chardonnereau and I built the Bruit d’Avril Studio, which is a perfect tool to produce and record in a great environment.

No reason not to send your demos or a simple message then,
I’ll take the time to listen and answer.