Belair Polo Club Cover


Nov. 4th, 2013
Belair Polo Club’s first EP ‘#One‘ which i mixed a few mounths ago just got released today!

31 REASONS • To make this update

Apr. 29th, 2013
Ok, ok, i lied, i don’t have a 31 things list, but i just turned 31 and this was a pretty good starting point.
So what’s new?! I still have no gray hairs, no pain running twenty kilometers at full speed, and I still wake up at 6am with no hangover after ending a party drunk at 5am !
Ok, ok, i’m lying again, everything above is wrong, but here’s some truth.
I’ve just mixed an EP for my very good friends from Belair Polo Club, and i think you’ll ear about them soon.

I’ve started working as a live mixer for the great Natas Loves You who are about to fly to New York to record their debut album.
I’ve started working on Lian Ray‘s debut album, which is to date one of the most beautiful album i’ve worked on, stay tuned on this one.
Also, i’ve spent five weeks recording Gerald De Palmas rehearsals to help him preparing his upcoming album, but i’ll shut up on this one, already said too much!

On the geek side i’ve made two new stompboxes, one fuzz and one bigger fuzz ahah, nothing won’t ever beat this second one!
Royer Ribbon mics got refreshed, NS10 monitors arrived at home and I now own a beautiful Klein piano, can’t stop playing on it !
That’s all folks. now let’s see how this dark hair dye works …


Happy new year to all of you!
I hope you had a good one and that the new one will be even better!

I wish the exact same for myself of course :)

FROM SERBIA • With love

Dec. 17st, 2012
Just spent a few days between Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia with Lussi In The Sky.
Turning French written songs into something that has been damn well understood by SerБiди speaking people !
Back in Paris, it was really nice being there.


Nov. 8th, 2012
We just re-recorded some drums & basses for Charles-Baptiste upcoming first album at Studio de la Reine here in Paris, FR (I really love being in this studio), and we were very excited watching Emiliano Turi and Julien Perraudeau killing it that easily ! The album should be released soon, stay tuned.

AXEL KRYGIER • Womex 2012

Oct. 21st, 2012
I just come back from Thessaloniki, Greece where i’ve been enjoying some great temperatures at the WOMEX 2012 with Axel Krygier.
Back home, ready to work on !

BADEN BADEN • Coline • Out !

BadenBaden_ColineOct. 1st, 2012
Baden Baden’s first album ‘Coline‘ just got released today!